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Baby Food recipes for kids: Moong Dal Khichri

Moon dal is often found in everyday Southern India, which is no surprise as it is both nutritious and easy to make. But what if you don't want to have it in the usual soup form? What if you wanted to, say, make it thicker and heartier? Many Indians have thought the same way and experimented with adding rice to their recipes. What came about is now called moong dal khichdi.

Adding rice means your moong dal becomes a heartier meal, often consumed by itself or with a side of yogurt and pickles. However, many people can become tired of it, especially if it is something that they have eaten since they were children. Critics also express concern that the sheer amount of rice and butter that goes into it may cause more health problems than they prevent.

This does not mean that moong dal khichdi cannot be healthy. Quite the contrary. By cutting back on certain ingredients or adding others altogether, you can create a healthy family mean out of khichdi.

First, cut back on the amount of salt. Sometimes you can do up to half the amount you usually put in. While many fear that this will cut back on the flavor, others have noted that they taste no difference.

Butter is the next unhealthy culprit. Lauki can sometimes be used with less butter or in place of it. 

Want to get healthier? Cut back on the amount of rice you use. That's right. The rice. Instead, replace it with thick vegetables such as gourd or cabbage. You may also consider substituting the regular white rice with healthier brown rice.

Khichdi is the type of thing that every chef prepares differently. Wow your family and friends by using alternate ingredients, and put your own fresh spin on an old, traditional dish.

Moong Dal Khichri

The PaleoHack Cookbook

You will need …

  • 3tsp split, husked moong beans (dhuli moong dal)

  • 1 tsp rice-soaked for 10 mins

  • 2 cups water

  • Salt

  • Turmeric to taste.

  • ½ tomato

For Tadka..

  • 1 tsp ghee

  • A pinch of asafetida (hing)

  • 5-6 seeds of cumin (jeera)

How to make Moong Dal Khichri

  1. Put all the ingredients of the khichri in a pressure cooker after washing the dal and rice thoroughly. Keep the flame high. After 1 whistle reduce the flame and wait for 2 more whistle. Remove from fire. When the pressure drops, remove the skin of potato and discard skin. Mash the tomato thoroughly.

  2. Take 1 tsp ghee in a small tadka kadhai. Add pinch of hing and few jeera seeds.

  3. Add the tadka to khichri and mix thoroughly. Feed warm.

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The PaleoHack Cookbook

Moong Dal Khichri Tips:

  1. You can add a couple of pieces of apple in the cooker too and mash well before feeding.

  2. This light khirchi is fed not only in the first year but is also invaluable in episodes of upset tummies for older babies.

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The PaleoHack Cookbook

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